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Tips for Staying Safe on the Golf Course

Spending a day on the links can be tremendously relaxing and provide you with a solid workout. When it comes to sports, they don’t get much safer than golf. The mechanics of the game are simple to grasp, most clubs are fairly lightweight and the risk of injury is very low. However, that doesn’t mean caution shouldn’t be exercised on the golf course. While it’s true that golf is a relatively low-risk game, it isn’t completely devoid of prospective dangers. The following pointers are sure to help make your next golf outing a safe one.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

When spending more than a few consecutive minutes in the sun, it’s important to protect yourself from UV rays. In light of how much time they spend outside, avid golfers should be particularly adamant about sun protection. For starters, take care to equip yourself with a hat and sunglasses to protect your scalp and eyes, respectively. Secondly, apply sunscreen to any uncovered parts of your body – and reapply as the packaging demands. Navigating the course in a golf cart instead of traversing it on foot is another effective way to keep yourself safe from the sun. Fortunately, with the affordable components from Blockbuster Golf Cars Inc., you can keep your cart in prime condition without spending a small fortune.

Stay Hydrated

A full game of golf can take hours to play, particularly if you’re golfing with friends. All the energy you’ll expend combined with all the time you’ll spend in the sun is a potent recipe for dehydration – which can put a damper on any golf outing. To ensure that you and your golf buddies remain hydrated throughout the day, keep a cooler stocked with bottled water and electrolyte-replenishing energy drinks on hand.

Keep Your Wits about You

Although golf isn’t a sport synonymous with serious injuries, there are several steps golfers should take to avoid injuring themselves and others on the links. First off, to avoid hitting your fellow players, make sure no one is nearby when you take your swings. Additionally, whenever one of your balls flies in an unintended direction, take care to shout “FORE!” as a warning to nearby players. Lastly, if another group is ahead of you on the course, your party should wait for them to finish a hole before proceeding to play it, as this reduces the risk of groups being hit with one another balls.

A safe golfer is a happy golfer. Although your favorite golf course may not be fraught with peril, safety should be foremost on your mind whenever you play a quick 18 holes. In the interest of staying safe, remember to protect yourself from the sun, stay hydrated and keep your wits about you the next time you grab your clubs and head out for a day on the green.

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