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Tips and How to Play Ice Skating Safely

If you exercise you often do during this feels monotonous and boring, maybe you can try a new sport like ice skating, in order to vary the sports and activities to make it more attractive. But before you start practicing, it is better you use ice skating equipment properly and meet safety standards in use, such as the right clothes, ice skates, Soakers, Gloves, Skate guards, and miscellaneous. For ice skates, i suggest you to use brand like Riedell, Jackson, Zuca and Guardog, Because it’s safe, and have a high quality.


Here are some tips you can do to go ice skating with a safe, among others:

  1. Before playing, choose “figure skates” in accordance with your legs, not too small and too big, do not forget to always use protective helmets for protection and legs and arms.
  2. Before playing ice skating is advisable to warm up, so tense muscles become weak and to avoid cramping or injury. Do a light warm on the feet and hands. Because the legs needed to slide, and hands are also helping, hands should move in ice skating.
  3. Wear shoes properly, if you can wear socks, helmets and protective legs and arms also not to forget.
  4. Pray before playing to avoid the things that are not desirable, such as slipping, tripping, etc.
  5. Start playing, do not hesitate because anxiety can not, and other fears, confidence course and convince yourself that it’s not scary.
  6. Stay focused on all your activities in the field of ice skating.
  7. If you play with friends – friends, ask your friend to accompany you learn, if you want, you can ask the guard who keep the field to teach the basic techniques in ice skating.
  8. Do not be far away – far away from the sidelines if you are not too adept, to avoid slipping backwards if your condition is not balanced (this often happens to beginners and really dangerous).
  9. To glide with a balanced and well, try to stretch your legs a little bit.
  10. To stop safely, tilt foot slightly inward to avoid falling.
  11. If you are still not proficient, do not be sad, because the course is to become a proficient need to practice quite often, like a knife, which is getting geared up more sharply.
  12. Do not be sloppy, do not think seeing the professionals running backwards, jumping, and doing spinning easily, they also need to fall up to achieve it. Should not be attempted without the guidance of a coach, because it can harm ourselves and others. Do not walk backwards carelessly without looking back, my back is fine, provided they have mastered the way forward, and when the place you want to go backwards rather quiet.
  13. If could glide, Must Learn to Stop, to stop, bend your knees, rotate your finger into the leg, point your heels out, and push off your heels. This will slow you up and take you to stop.
  14. If you fall, quickly stood up, and be careful of other players, do not let you untouched and making the other players stumble, and be careful on the ice skating shoes as it is quite dangerous and can cause unexpected case.

This tips may helps you play regularly to eliminate fatigue when you’re stuffy and are a lot of problems, and for good equipment and the right choice, you can see in jackson skates, why jackson skates? Because the main goal in jackson skates is super fast delivery and have a great customer service and you can get a free two day shipping!

that’s a few tips that we could suggest to you, because the game is quite fun , may be useful!

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