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The benefits of exercise for mental health

Exercise has many benefits for the body, otherwise it will increase the power of thought is clear and uplifting can reduce stress and tension alias create the feeling of being cheerful always. For loans tips, you can see at

According to Landers, there are four benefits of exercise that can nourish our mental.

1. Sports reduces stress

Every normal human being has experienced stress or tension. Is the stress caused by economic problems such as inflation or devaluation, social problems or the breakdown of the marital relationship, the business office which was never completed, a final exam that will be faced, a wrong decision has been taken or may be hesitancy to take a decision.

All human beings have experienced stress; and you must know how to handle it! Many JV disease, despair, and even sudden death due to stress!

How you can avoid stress? Turns olaraga can help you to cope with stress. How? For that we need to see how the muscles work that we have. Exercising can help us reduce anxiety heart and even to fight the rage.

The reason, if our heart works during exercise, then automatically the concentration of mind will not focus on your work again. In addition to distract, regular aerobic exercise can also increase cardiovascular endurance, so that later we can be not overreacting to a problem. Activities that proved effective against tension of the brain is kind of aerobic walking, cycling, swimming, jogging and yoga.

2. Exercise can improve brain power

It is no secret that regular physical activity can do to improve the reaction, concentration, creativity and our mental health. This is because the body to pump more oxygen levels in the blood so that the blood circulation has also increased the ends accelerate the entry of blood to the brain. Experts agree that the brain gets enough blood supply then one’s physical and mental reactions will increase.

3. Affect the Endogenous opioid hormones

In the miracle of the human body, scientists have recently discovered a hormone system that serves as a so-called endogenous opioids morphine. It is enough to attract attention because the receptors found in the hypothalamus and limbic system of the brain, areas associated with emotion and human behavior.

Opioid endogenous hormone system, one of which is beta-endorphin, not only reduces the feeling of pain and give you the strength to face cancer alone, but also increase memory, normalize appetite, sex, blood pressure and ventilation.

When exercising, the pituitary gland to add the product of beta-endorphin; and as a result the concentration of beta-endorphin rise in the blood also flows to the brain, thereby reducing pain, anxiety, depression and feelings of fatigue.

4. Increase the alpha brain wave

Research shows that exercise, there is the addition of alpha waves in the brain. Alpha brain waves has long been known that relate to relax and relaxed state as at the time of meditation. The alpha waves seen in a jogging for 20 to 30 minutes, and still can be measured after the exercise ended.

The researchers suggested that the increased power of alpha waves contribute to the psychological advantages of exercise, including reduced anxiety and depression.

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