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Stretch Your Not Do Designer Budget to Get You a Designer Look This Winter

If you are anything like I am then you just can’t get enough of fashion. My room is littered with fashion magazines, my phone wallpaper is always changing between different designer logos, I’m an active forum member, and, oh yeah, I always wear the latest styles and fashions!

However, if you are also anything like me, you have come to realize that always dressing in the latest trends isn’t the cheapest activity which you can undertake. Throughout my fashionable life, I have learned a few tips and tricks which have helped me to keep my fashion costs down and I wanted to share some of them below.

Layers Are Your Winter Friend

Do you know what dress is hiding under Victoria Beckham’s designed poncho? How about what label Paris Hilton is wearing underneath her sports coat? Neither does the rest of the world! And while Victoria and Paris likely have a continuation of designer labels underneath their outer garments, you don’t have to.

When shopping for winter fashion items, look for items which you can layer on top of other clothing. For example, look at choosing an over sized jacket which you can layer on top of many different articles of clothing from, shall we say, less known brands.

Browse in the Stores, Shop Online

One of the first tips that I learned was to browse in the store and then shop online for a better price. This means that I would browse through the entire shopping mall to find an item I loved, then I would head to sites like the Groupon Coupons page for Kay Jewelers to find the item at a deeply discounted price. This tip works with almost any clothing or accessory item you want to buy.

Choose Your Items Wisely

Signature pieces are the items of clothing or your accessories which people recognize you by. If you are on a limited budget then there are the pieces which you should pay attention to. For example, if you are known for wearing watches, look to focus much of your budget on a new designer watch as this is the most likely to catch people’s attention and consider you to be fashionable all the way through.

If You Can’t Dress Forward, Dress Back

If you are struggling to find enough funds to cover an entire wardrobe replacement this coming winter, consider taking your style back. All the way back. Head to your local thrift store and take a look through their racks to see what you can find. While you shouldn’t expect to fill your closet, you are likely to find a few older style designer piece which you can easily incorporate into your current fashions.

Looking your best at all times doesn’t have to cost a small fortune, it just takes the right tips and tricks, like the ones above. As winter gets closer and you start to look at what designers are going to be bringing out, keep this article in mind and save some money which you could spend on an accessory like a belt…or a scarf…or a cat…or ALL OF THEM!

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