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How to be a Freelance Sports Writer at Contentmart

How to be a Freelance Sports Writer at Contentmart

A Sports content writer is an interesting job choice in a world where several sports have made a lasting mark. Several leading websites and other blogs are putting in considerably money to leverage the audience that is interested in reading about and discussing the game. The demand for quality content has never been more, and therefore quality writers can make a lot of moolah.

Earlier, it used to be difficult to find sports content writers for various companies, while it was difficult for freelance writers themselves to find opportunities in this niche. Contentmart has opened a platform that allows the clients to post projects, and then pick from various bids that have come with regards to the same. It’s a convenient platform for both writers and those seeking good writers.

To get freelance sports content writing jobs, a writer needs to complete his or her profile in the best possible manners. For completing the profile, a few of the steps can come in very handy:


  • Accurate Basic Details: Details like name, profile picture, and other required details are important to gain trust of the client. Online marketplaces are based on trust, and proper details such as profile picture and name provide just that.
  • Languages: Since content is in wide forms, and the niche language markets are gaining prominence. Therefore, it’s important to mention the languages, especially if you know some of the languages that has lesser writers. For English, though, you can even take tests. There are three levels of tests provided by ContentMart- Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The higher your language skills, more are the chances of you being hired for projects. Try to work on your language and clear the test of Beginner level, then Intermediate level and Advanced level. You can’t take advanced level test without completing previous two.
  • About: This is one of the most important sections. Aside from creating a personal impact, it also forms the primary sample of your writing skills. Use this space wisely.
  • Pick Your Niche: General content writing is alright but it’s best to have a niche for yourself. For sports content writing jobs, your niche or category will be sports, for example. Higher the expertise level in the niche, higher the pay-outs.
  • Portfolio: This is the section where your actual posts are shared. Ideally, you need to write a sample of each of your niche, and it should put the qualities of you as a writer to the fore. The better the portfolio, higher the chances of being hired as a writer.

After the profile details are complete, a sports content writer’s job isn’t far if you are careful in bidding with a fine cover letter that will be your first sample of writing, a good portfolio will sail you through. Including a sample article link in cover letter might help too, and so will getting verified help.

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